Updating Applications in Windows

filehippoIt has always been a pain in Windows to know what programs are out of date. A few applications will now update through the Microsoft Update system, however, there are many that do not. A majority of the programs do not have an internal updating system either. Over the years I have seen software updaters come and go. There are two currently that stick out in my mind as a safe and easy way to update your software. The one I use regularly is the update checker from www.FileHippo.com. It is very simple to use, it does not require any sort of registration, and is non obtrusive. To get the updater program just go to their website and click “Download our FREE Update Checker”. This will download a small client installer that gives you the option of running a stand alone or going through an install process. While going through the install you may notice it gives you the ability to start the application on boot-up. Inside the program you can also set it to close automatically if it doesn’t find any updates. This makes a nice auto-updater on boot-up, yet, does not stay running on your system unless if finds programs that need updating.


After running the updater it will bring up a page listing the updates that are available for your system. You have the option of hiding the beta releases under options to the right. Next to the program’s name you will see a green down arrow. Click this and it will take you directly to the download page. If you select the program in will display information about that program. I have used CNET’s updating software and found it a pain to use. I had to logon and it would get confused as to what computer I was on at the time. I also found that CNET had a lot of false readings on what needed updating. I have not run into any software with Filehippo’s product that would continue to think it needed updating after I installed the newer version. I encourage you to give the update checker a try and let me know how it works for you.

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