ATLAS Linux Server Tools

ATLAS Linux Server Tools allows you to easily manage multiple instances of ATLAS from command line. You can easily install and remove addons from the Steam Workshop or automate server restarts and updates through cron jobs.


Receiving a libcurl3 error?

Some users may run into issues with ATLAS server needing libcurl 3 and ARK wanting libcurl 4. To allow compatibility between both server managers you can install a custom libcurl4 package that includes support for both 3 and 4.


When setting up your instances please leave an extra game client port between instances. This is not needed for the Query port, RCON port, or the Seamless port.


Query port = 57550
Game ports = 5750 & 5751
RCON port = 32330
Seamless port = 27000
Query port = 57551
Game ports = 5752 & 5753
RCON port = 32331
Seamless port = 27001

To install the ATLAS Server Tools you can visit my GitHub page:

If you would like to install the tools to the username steam, run this command:

curl -sL | sudo bash -s steam

If you would like to install the tools under your current username, run this command:

curl -sL | bash -s -- --me

Feel free to give feedback and submit any bugs you may encounter. Grapeshot has been started working on bugs and performance issues with the Linux server client. Since launch they have fixed the issue of corrupt saves and have doubled the performance on Linux server clients. Server tick rates seem to be defaulted to about 30 fps at the moment, but you have the ability to manually raise this to whatever you choose. Upon testing, raising the tick rate to 60 also almost doubles the CPU usage. As said before, you should experience about 30 server fps as of February 6th, 2019 on servers with default settings.

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