Ribbon Hero 2

ClippyBack in February I wrote about a program from Microsoft called “Ribbon Hero”. I noticed a few weeks ago that they released Ribbon Hero 2 and it seemed to be a lot different than their original release. Microsoft has turned the program into a much more entertaining game and less of a training exercise. Your job is to help “Clippy”, that annoying little paperclip that used to constantly be asking if it could help you in older versions of Microsoft Office. Clippy was fired back when Office 2007 came out and so it is our job to help Clippy get a job. Each challenge that you are given to help Clippy is fun and entertaining.

They have definitely turned Ribbon Hero 2 into a game. The requirement to be able to run Ribbon Hero 2 is you have Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. The challenges take you through Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You complete tasks in each program and you gain points. The game helps you to discover in a fun way many advanced abilities that Microsoft Office products have. If you get stuck they have a help button that can get you on the right track. If at any point you start veering off that track a warning comes up saying you are heading in the wrong direction. In Ribbon Hero 1 there was no Clippy, no comic strips, no colorful graphics, no animations, and no time travel.

So you may be asking yourself how time travel fits into all this. In this game you will go from space ships to visiting Greek Gods. I found it to be a blast and I think you will too. Take some time to download Ribbon Hero 2 from http://spreadsheeto.com/ribbon-hero/ and find out how fun this free download is.

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